Agriculture brush cutter used in farming as crop harvester and handy reaper. Brush cutter machines are used for cutting all types of crop. You can use it as crop cutter, grass trimmer,grass cutter,handy reaper,weed eater,weed remover,paddy cutter etc.There are three types of brush cutter– 1- Sidepack Brush Cutter 2- Backpack Brush Cutter 3-Hand Push Brush Cutter . There are various types of cc in this type of brush cutter.

There are various types of brush cutter which comes in various cc-

1- 31cc 2-35cc 3-41cc 4-43cc 5-52cc 6-63cc

There are various strokes are also available-

1- 2 stroke  2- 4 stroke

There are difference between 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine also.

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