Wheat cutting machine for small farmer at lowest price everbefore-MK Krishi Yantra

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Wheat cutting machine for small farmer at lowest price everbefore-MK Krishi Yantra.

What is MK Krishi Yantra ?

MK Krishi Yantra– sells small farming equipments and products online at lowest price with high quality matterial. Our motive is to provide Krishi Yantra for every farmer at their dooorstep.

What is MK Krishi Yantra deals in ?

MK Krishi Yantra– offer crop cutter,grass cutter,brush cutter,wheat harvester,crop harvester,portable crop harvester,crop reaper,grass trimmer,portable stover cutter,wheat cutting machine,power weeder,intercultivator,cultivator,tiller,soil power tiller,water pump,safety items,vaccum cleaner,lawn mower,sprayers,spare parts,welding machine,hose pipes,car washer,chainsaw,earth auger,generator,manual tools and much more.

But here we will talk about wheat cutting machine or brush cutter sometimes it is called poratble crop harvester. There are two types of grass cutter available in the market-1-2 stroke wheat cutting machine, 2-4stroke wheat cutting machine.

Who is best wheat cutter 2 stroke or 4 stroke ?

Engine- By engine comparison we will strongly recommend 2 stroke petrol engine because it is machenically more strong then 4 stroke petrol engine.

Average- By average it is recommended to buy 4 stroke gasoline engine . 2 stroke engine may take upto 1 liter petrol within an hour while 4 stroke may take 500 ml only.

Fuel- By fuel comparison 2 stroke petrol engine needs to mix 2T engine oil in ratio 1:25 ml in 1 liter petrol. But in 4 stroke there is no need to mix any engine oil.

Durability- 2 stroke gasoline engine is more durable than 4 stroke petrol engine for wheat cutting machine.

Noise- By noise comparison 2 stroke gasoline engine is not comfortable for farmer for wheat cutting machine. 2 stroke engine gives a space for air pollution while 4 stroke low noise petrol engine.

Vibration- 2 stroke petrol engine for wheat cutter have high vibration than 4 stroke petrol engine.

Price- 4 stroke petrol engine is cheaper.

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