How to use portable crop harvester with all attachments ?

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Portable crop harvester have various name but most of the name call by farmer is brush cutter. Every farmer have their different types of demand and variattions in use. Many of the farmer used brush cutter in cutting crops. Thats why some farmer called it crop cutter. This mini krishi yantra have various works use so it is also called multi grass cutter or weeder. Here we are trying to demostrate the use of handy crop reaper.

There are many others brush cutter attachments also may be available and could be called by others name also but these were the best uses and name most famous among the farmers.

There are many types of brush cutter as 2 stroke,4 stroke,sidepack,backpack or knapsack,trolley or handpush etc. You may have varius question in your mind like- What is the variations between 2 stroke and 4 stroke brush cutter ?, Why should I purchase 2 stroke portable crop harvester ? , Where to buy 4 stroke brush cutter online at affordable and best price ?, Who is the best weed remover in sidepack brush cutter or backpack brush cutter ?, Can be handpush or trolley brush cutter used as a crop cutter or weedeater ?  etc. All query will be answered and readable our next brush cutter categories post.

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