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4 Stroke brush cutter comes in low vibration N low noise and low fuel consumption (PRF00271)

4 Stroke brush cutter comes low vibration,low noise and low fuel consumption service. It uses advanced and innovative technology which save fuel,time and have very low vibration.

'4 stroke wheat reaper' 4 stroke wheat reaper used in cutting wheat and multi crop at low price and it saves cost for the peasant.

4 Stroke petrol brush cutter or wheat harvester or chopper comes with three blades,paddy guards,toolkit and manuals.

Engine: 4 Stroke
Oil: 4 T (1:40)
Packing: One 3 T Blades, One 60 T blades, One Tap N Go, toolkit,manuals.
Millage: 300 Ml to 900 Ml per hour
Warranty: No
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wheat reaper in bijnor@mkkrishiyantra
Wheat reaper with paddy guards 60 T tct 8 inch blade available at MK Krishi Yantra Bhootpuri Bijnor Uttar_Pradesh (YK1040D)

Wheat reaper with paddy guards 60 T tct 8 inch blade available at MK Krishi Yantra Bhootpuri Bijnor Uttar_Pradesh.

Products Specifications- 

  • Brand New In Box
  • Available In blue color
  • Outer Material: plastic
  • Inner Material: Aluminium
  • Engine: 2 Stroke 
  • Displacements: 43 cc
  • Fuel used: petrol
  • Fuel Ratio: 50 ml 2 T engine oil in 1 litter petrol
  • Speed: 2800 RPM
  • Shaft: 28 mm
  • Accessories: 60 T Tct Blade, 3 T Blade,Nylon cutter,Baffle Paddy,Manuals,Tool Kits
  • Warranty: No

Moryatools Quality 40 cc 2 Stroke brush cutter backpack brown box in Bijnor Uttar Pradesh
सभी खडी फसलो की कटाई मशीन/Moryatools Quality 40 cc 2 Stroke brush cutter backpack brown box (MT9859655BPBC)

Moryatools quality 40 cc 2 stroke side-pack brush cutter without brand name . We deal in this type of grass trimmer. We deal in all type brush cutter like- 2 stroke trimmer,4 stroke strimmer,sidepack brush cutter,backpack grass reaper and trimmer,52cc brush cutter,43cc brush cutter,31cc brush cutter,35cc brush cutter,41cc brush cutter,40cc brush cutter etc.

Product Specification for Petrol Brush Cutter

Brand Name Without Brand Name

Fuel Tank Capacity : 1 litre

Cutting Diameter 305 mm


Engine Dimension : 300x300x335 mm

Pole Demension : 1650x110x110 mm

Displacement 40 CC (2.1 Cu-in)

Engine Type 2-stroke, over head cam single cylinder

Fuel Type gasoline

Ignition System Transistorized magneto ignition.

Item Weight Engine : 8 Kg

Pole : 2.5 Kg

Engine : MT 40

Part Number MT9859655

Power In hp 1.5

Ratio Compression Ratio : 8 : 1

Starter Recoil starter

Type Current type: 2 blade cutter

Warranty No

Key Features Cooling system : forced air.

Air cleaner : semi-dry type.

₹14,464  Inc Tax
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