Brand New Japanese technology Brush Cutter With Ease To Use(1 Nylon Cutter + 1 Paddy Guards)


This brush cutter is available in Bijnor and U.P. All brush cutter are based on intuitive shaft assembly, an original principle that is simple yet highly effective. brush cutter has taken this mechanical process, through which you learned how to make wheat harvester, and adapted it to online and offline. Working progressively, with mechanical, live demo, simple uses and exercises, you will progress steadily to a level where you are able to converse in everyday situations. The first part of the brush cutter is the practice: you immerse yourself in the brush cutter by running it and repeating practice. During the second, the active brush cutter, you use the structures and reflexes you have already absorbed while continuing to advance cutting technology. In just a few months, you will be able to run brush cutter easily, smoothly and mechanically.
  • Brand: New professional farming brush cutter
  • Fuel Used: Petrol
  • Millage: 500 ml to 1 ltr/hour
  • Accessories: toolkit,3t blades,60t eight inch blade,paddy guards,Nylon tap ang Go cutter,tiller attachments
  • Uses: You can use for wheat cutting,grass cutting,crop cutting,weed eating. etc uses in farming and other crops also.
  • Warranty: 6 Months engine warranty only. Warranty would be covered by manufacturing company not by us.
  • Availability: 10 In Stock
  • Model: ib6070K
  • Manufacturer: IndustryBuying

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