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1. Crop cutting machine is mechanical device. It can be use for cutting the dry cut stalks of grain break or covering of trunk of tree. In the crop cutting machine required less human effort and it is very reasonable for middle class farmer it is not complicated structure and it is easily operated by unskilled person. In this cutting machine have the two blades one is right hand side and another is left hand side. This can be applicable for the cutting of crop such as Jwar, Tuar, Soya seeds etc. It can reduce labor cost due to the only one person can be handle. Crop cutter machine does not required high maintenance.

1 . When machine working in the farm it takes less time as compared to labour.
1 .When the labour is working in the farm it gives more time as compared to machine.
2. Less stresses on machine.
2. More stresses on the labour in the farm.
3. There is no requirement of skilled labour for handling the machine in the farm.
3. It required a skilled labour in the farm for cutting the crops.
4. Machine cuts the crops in two rows at time in the farm.
4. Labour cuts the crop in one row at time in the farm.
5. This machine saving some labour cost because it handled by only one person.
5. In today era the labour cost is more as compared to this machine.
6. This machine cuts the crop in 1 acre area in 2 hour.
6. Two to three labour are cut the crops in 1 acre area in 1 day. 7.This machine cut the crops in 1 acre area in the cost of 200Rs.
7.Labour are cut the crops in 1 acre area in the cost of 600Rs.
3. HSS range from 0.65 to 0.80% carbon, . 0.10 to 0.40% manganese, . 0.20 to 0.40% silicon, 3.75 to 4.0% chromium, no more than .30% nickel, 17.25 to 18.75% tungsten, . 90 to 1.30% vanadium, no more than .25% copper, . 03% phosphorous, or .03% sulphur.
4. Excellent red hardness Good wear resistance Good shock resistance Fair Machinability Good non-deforming property Poor resistance to decarburization
5. Calculations:- Power transmission is achieved by specially designed belt and pulley. This arrangement as shown in fig. the power is transmitted engine shaft to cutter shaft which is decrease the speed and increase the torque. The speed transfer ratio is 2:1.
6. • It consists of body structure which is made up of M.S.angle bar which is in 30 inch length and 21 inch width and in 2.5 inch height. • It consists of four wheels which is made up of wood and cover by rubber grip. • It consists of MK20 3Hp single cylinder four stroke kerosene engine. • Mechanism inside body structure is simple and consists of engine shaft, intermediate shaft and cutter shaft. • Engine shaft which will get the power from engine with the help of pulley and belt drive. Over this engine shaft one small driving pulley (single groove B section) will be mounted. This pulley will transmit the power to the intermediate shaft which is parallel to engine shaft. • Over this intermediate shaft three aluminum pulleys are mounted one of which is a driven pulley for engine shaft and which is fixed at near centre. And remaining two small pulleys (A section) is fixed on this intermediate shaft .one at right side and other at left side from the big pulley. We mounted the belt over the pulley. And this intermediate shaft is supported in a two pedestal bearing by means of which the cutter shaft will able to rotate inside the bearing.
7. • The again this two small driving pulley will transmit the power to cutter shaft which is perpendicular to the intermediate shaft. At top end of two different cutter shaft we fixed two aluminum pulleys (driven) and at lower end of this shaft we fixed two cutters. One cutter shaft is supported in two pedestal bearing and similarly another cutter shaft is supported in two pedestal bearing by means of which the cutter shaft will able to rotate inside bearing. And these pedestal bearing is supported on M.S. plate. And these M.S. plates fastened with the help of nut and bolt to the front end of body structure. • To the lower end of this shaft blade is fixed which will perform the harvesting operation. • This blade will be light in weight and made up of high speed steel. So as to resist abrasion due to cutting. • We provide handle for the pushing the harvester in the farm. And we also provide the power switch for stop the engine which is at right corner of right hand side of the handle. • It consists of guiding cover for protecting the whole mechanism.
8. # REDUCE THE HUMAN EFFORT:-crop harvester mostly design for reduce the human effort in which only one operator can be operate or handle the machine. while the machine will begin there is not required more than one or two worker. # REDUCE THE COST:- in the agriculture for cropping the jwar and tuar. it can cut cheapest prices because it save the worker cost. # REDUCE THE TIME:- when worker is cutting the crop they have more time for cutting but when the use of the crop cutter harvester they increase the capacity of the working and cutting & it can possible the maximum crop cutting within minimum time. # EASY TO HANDLE:- crop cutter machine is easy for handling we can easily start the machine . # UNSKILLED WORKER CAN OPERATE:- no skill person required for operating the machine. # SAFETY TO USE:- during the working if any problem occurs in the machine we can easily find it. # SIMPLE IN CONSTRUCTION:- it is construct is very simple in way we can easily dissemble and assemble . # LESS FUEL COST:- it is start on petrol but whole work on kerosene & kerosene is available at chipset cost.
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